How we do it



Synthesys™ is a feature rich, highly configurable and integrated product. Making configuration changes to one corner of the system can have wide ranging logical implications on other seemingly unrelated aspects of functionality. Also, like any highly sophisticated tool, Synthesys™ can be used at different levels of skill and subtlety. Noetica's experts are always ready to lend a hand and offer good practical advice on the best way to fit the product to your needs.

Very few people can say that they are intimately conversant with every aspect of Synthesys™. Even if one was able to boast an encyclopaedic knowledge of every single feature of the product, it still does not guarantee that they can consistently come up with the best possible way of combining these features to solve the business problems that are presented to contact centre managers every day.

Sometimes, Synthesys™ features can be combined and configured in surprising ways to deliver fast and effective solutions to business challenges. We at Noetica are certainly not claiming a monopoly on wisdom and creativity and on many occasions our customers have surprised us with inventive ways of deploying Synthesys™ that we never thought of. However, our consultants possess a wealth of experience and can offer interesting shortcuts to a solution that may be tricky to work out.



Su Jordan is one of Noetica's most experienced consultants.

As part of the process of bringing a new client on board, we provide a number of days of consultancy as standard to give new users a head start after their formal training and give them that initial push on their way of becoming Synthesys™ professionals. However, this should not and indeed does not stop there.

Even savvy users of Synthesys™ need a little help every now and again. Whether it is a tricky report to write or a complex web service to invoke correctly, our experts are there to help. Sometimes this leads to bespoke software development, but more often than not we will offer a suggestion on how to deploy the existing features of Synthesys™ to get you where you want to be.

Sometimes, it makes sense to have an annual or bi-annual consultancy day to simply look at the way in which you use the product and offer you ways of making it more efficient and effective. Our consultants often talk of "light bulb moments" whenever they go to visit our clients. Whether you are a seasoned user of the product or a relative novice you will find that we can always find something in our extensive product feature set that will put a smile on your face.