How we do it



Synthesys™ continues to evolve every day. Our customers play a crucial role in this evolution. The product is now used in ways which we could not possibly have envisaged when we first brought it to market.  Indeed, each day brings new and interesting requests from our clients and every time we respond to these challenges we try to do so in a way that enriches the product to the benefit of all our users.

Synthesys™ is a modular product. It is designed in such a way that new functionality can be added without having to change the product core. However, every now and again we do need to add core functionality and we do so by releasing regular new versions of the product. As a client, you will get all these new releases provided and installed free of charge as part of your basic maintenance package,



Camelia Suciu & Paul Keyes head our CTI & Core product development teams respectively

Synthesys™ is now on its fifth major release. In between these major releases we tend to provide minor ones with varying degrees of frequency, averaging about one a year. Finally, in between releases (minor or major) we provide any number of "hotfixes" which deliver regular improvements to existing functionality as well as the occasional brand new feature. Each hotfix is incrementally numbered and fully documented so that we know precisely, for each and every one of our customers, what major, minor & hotfix level they are currently on for each one of their Synthesys™ platforms.

Occasionally, we will also undertake bespoke development projects for individual customers, which do not necessarily make their way into the generic product as they would be utterly irrelevant to anyone else apart from the customer for which they were done. These range from bespoke scripting components (such as components interfacing to legacy systems), client or even script specific reports, interfaces to special devices or services (such as SMS gateways, payment gateways or encryption hardware) and many others.

We are constantly challenged to provide new interfaces to telephony systems and we are now in a position to offer feature rich integrations to well over 40 different telephony platforms. This feature set is also constantly extended to provide ever more complex ways of controlling telephony devices through conferencing, IVR, CSAT surveys, advanced blending and much else.

Noetica has always been and will continue to be a software development company. More than half of our headcount consists of developers who have many years of experience working on Synthesys™. However, these days we seldom need to come up with our own ideas for new product features. Our clients do this for us. We are very proud to provide a tool that sparks their imagination and inspires their faith in our ability to provide the functionality that they need.