How we do it



If and when you decide to buy Synthesys™, we will take good care of you from the very beginning and accompany you on your journey to a full production system and beyond. Once you decide to work with us, one of the first things we do is to assign you an experienced Noetica project manager who will guide you through to process of implementing Synthesys™ in your particular environment.

Your Noetica project manager will first of all make sure that we understand precisely what you need and how you would like to deploy the system. They will look at your infrastructure and any systems that you have in place and would like to keep or interface to Synthesys™. As a result of this initial discovery process, your Noetica project manager will produce a Statement of Work and a Project Plan which you as a new customer will need to agree to.

Once the Statement of Work is in place, the Noetica project manager will have access to a wide range of resources which will play a part in the implementation of the product. These could be Noetica technicians and engineers, trainers, software developers and so on.  The project manager will arrange a training course for your core users and make sure that you have the correct documentation for your version of Synthesys™.



 Matt Bryant is one of our best Synthesys™ technical experts

This is not necessarily a lengthy protracted process. Most projects are swift and you will be up and running in a matter of a few weeks from the moment you make the decision to work with us. As soon as everything is in place and your staff have been trained, the Noetica Project Manager will spend some time with your staff helping you set up the first few campaigns from beginning to end.

Finally, we will help you test that the system complies with the entire acceptance criteria set at the start of the project and you Noetica project manager will typically be with you when it all goes live and for the few critical days following the initial deployment. Once you are happy, and only then, your project manager will hand you over to our Customer Support manager who will introduce you to the Noetica helpdesk procedures.

Throughout this process you will have access to the Noetica management team and your Noetica account director who will take over the relationship once the project is complete. We try to make the whole process as painless as possible and in the process we aim to get to know you and your company's culture. Our aim is to get the relationship to a great start in the hope that new clients will stay with us for many years, as they usually do.