How we do it



When you join the exclusive club of Noetica's customers, you become much more than just another client. It is absolutely crucial to us that we establish a relationship of mutual trust with each and every one of our clients in the hope of working together for many years to come. In order to achieve this, it is not sufficient that we provide and support Synthesys™, but it is also important that we gain a basic and growing understanding of your business and the market that you operate in.

One of the first things that will happen once you start using Synthesys™ in live production is that you will be assigned a Noetica Account Director. Usually, but not always, this will be the same person who helped you buy the system in the first place. Remember, Noetica does not employ salespeople. When you first talk to us, you will be speaking to a senior, technically and commercially capable and competent member of our management staff.

The same people will accompany you throughout the duration of your relationship with Noetica. In effect, they will be representing your interests and working on your behalf within Noetica to ensure that you get the best possible service and support from us. Your Account Director will be your ultimate escalation point if you have a concern or if you feel in any way dissatisfied with anything.



Wendy Palmer is our Account Executive and plays a pivotal role in maintaining a good relationship with all our clients.

It is also the Account Director's responsibility to keep you up to date with the latest developments and innovations coming up in Synthesys™ and perhaps more importantly, listen and understand your ideas and suggestions for ways in which we could further improve the product to better fit your needs.

Occasionally, your Account Director will offer you enhancements and services which in their opinion you may benefit from. These usually include additional training for your new members of staff or refresher courses for your existing ones. These can also include the offer of one or more consultancy days to help you better utilise the features that are already in the product but you may not be using to the full.

Most importantly, your Account Director is there to make sure that you do not become a stranger. We want to know how your business is doing, what your plans and aspirations are and how we may be able to help achieve them. We love a challenge and are always interested to become a sounding board for your ideas. It is not only your business that we value, but also your thoughts and expertise. After all, we can only be successful if you are.