How we do it



When you buy Synthesys™ from us you become more than just another customer. At Noetica we take great pride in our personal and friendly support. Although we are committed to agreed support SLAs, our aim is to resolve your problems long before the deadlines that such SLAs would normally impose. Our aim is to have an intimate knowledge of your Synthesys™ deployment and understand how you make use of the Noetica software. This helps us come to your rescue much more effectively and rapidly when things go wrong.

Once you have a live installation of Synthesys™, our aim is to ensure that you derive the maximum benefit from the software as soon as possible. In order to do this we need to make sure that the system is stable, reliable and always up. Our technical support team have many years of experience in doing just that.

Once you report a suspected fault, we will issue you with a ticket (case) number and assign a severity to your incident. It is recommended that you provide as much information as possible when reporting a fault in order to avoid any delays. Usually, we will access your system remotely and attempt to diagnose the problem with a view of providing you with a solution or workaround well within stringent SLAs according to the severity of your problem.

Synthesys™ will typically be the system at the sharp end of your contact centre operation. Therefore, whenever a fault occurs, it is usually within Synthesys™ that the initial symptoms will be noticed by the users. So, regardless of whether there is something wrong with your telephony, your servers, network, back office systems or database, the users will immediately
complain of Synthesys™ malfunctions.



Marcos Galinanes is Noetica's Customer Support Manager

The Noetica support team will always take an "investigate first, discuss later" approach. We will never blame other systems or equipment unless we have conclusive proof of their malfunction. Even then, we will work together with your other suppliers to bring any incident to a swift conclusion. We take our responsibility to you very seriously indeed.

Apart from the standard support function, open to all our clients during UK office hours (09:00-17:00 GMT, Monday-Friday) Noetica also operates an Out of Hours emergency support service. This service is fronted by one of our 24-hour call centre clients and continuously manned by a roster of our senior software engineers around the clock, 365 days a year. This service is purely for emergency Category A faults only.

With Noetica you are in safe hands. We understand that call centres are mission critical environments and that every minute of downtime equates to thousands in lost revenue and wasted costs. We also understand that our system needs to withstand heavy industrial use in high throughput environments which are prone to human error. When you need us most, we'll be there for you.