How we do it



Although Noetica derives its name from "noesis", which means basically "knowing without learning", not all aspects of the system are as self-evident as we may like them to be. So, although we aim to reduce to almost nothing the amount of training that Synthesys™ contact centre agents may need, this does not necessarily extend to the users who need to configure Synthesys™ on a regular basis.

However, although some training is required for the super-users and administrators who will be configuring the system, we do not expect them to possess any previous technical skills or knowhow. Of course, even though having a logical and analytical mind is always a bonus, the beauty of Synthesys™ stems from the fact that anyone who understands the rudiments of a PC can become a confident user of the system.

One of Noetica's declared aims is to demystify customer contact software to the point where the control of the contact centre applications shifts from the IT department to the business and operations functions. This is why our training is aimed mainly at business people and call centre administrators and not necessarily IT.



Brigitte Reimer has many years of experience designing and delivering Synthesys™ training courses

It is crucial however that each and every one of our customers employs members of staff who have been formally trained by Noetica. Not only is a training course an essential part of any new Synthesys™ implementation but regular refresher courses are highly recommended in order to remind users of the features inherent in the system and the new features that Noetica keeps developing on a continual basis.

Our training courses take three days on average and can be delivered to an audience of no more than four attendees at a time as they are hands-on intensive experiences. Our experienced trainers will tailor each course to your specific needs and deliver it either on site or at our Noetica training facility in central London.

The Noetica courses are supported by extensive documentation, manuals and practical exercises which our clients can keep and use as reference texts later on when they need to use their knowledge in real life situations. You can have a look at some of these manuals now by logging into the "Where's The Detail" section of our website and downloading anything that you find interesting.