More control. Less fuss.

"Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change."

Stephen Hawking

The constant struggle to balance effectiveness against efficiency across a range of varied and often incompatible activities is what contact centre managers have to confront on a daily basis. The last thing they need is technology that makes their already difficult job even harder. What is required is software that allows them to be in control at all times and change the way in which they deploy their resources dynamically, quickly and with minimum of fuss. Responding quickly to rapidly changing circumstances without causing any perceptible disruption to their agents work is essential.

Why Choose Synthesys™

Why Choose Synthesis

As a campaign manager, you know how difficult it is to balance the demands of running a successful and efficient outbound telemarketing operation. Effective sales management always begins with intelligent lead management. The ability to capture leads quickly and easily and turn them into sales is what differentiates the leading telemarketing services orgsnisations from the rest. Here are some of the main reasons why you should look carefully at what Synthesys™ has to offer:


    Visual data segmentation and call recycling strategy definition

    Visualisation of process & data is by far the most important factor that sets Synthesys™ apart from all other products in the contact centre space. This extends to the way in which campaigns are defined, populated and refined.

    This simple to use, visual method applies to the way in which dialling lists are defined and also to the intuitive "drag & drop" interface used to create and refine  list specific calling strategies and call recycling.

    This is not just a flashy gimmick. By providing easy to understand and operate tools aimed at the non-technical user, we are enabling the Synthesys™ administrator to be remarkably agile and less dependent on the IT function. This removes delays in the creation and manipulation of campaigns by deskilling something which traditionally was a technical task.


    Everything can be blended

    Everything in Synthesys™, whether it is outbound or inbound, workflow or multimedia, is part of a campaign. The term “campaign” is in many ways synonymous with the concept of an activity in Synthesys™.

    All campaigns can be blended in Synthesys™, therefore allowing for an unprecedented level of agent multiskilling and efficient (and also varied) utilisation of the workforce in a contact centre. Blending is self-tuning in the sense that it can conform to different SLAs for different campaigns, making sure that these SLAs are adhered to in accordance to their priority.


    No downtime

    Contact centres are dynamic places. An efficient customer contact operation needs constant fine tuning and change throughout the day, every day. Synthesys™ Campaigns ensure that the system responds instantly to changing circumstances without any noticeable disruption to agents’ work.

    The way in which inbound, outbound and multimedia work is blended needs to adapt constantly to changing conditions through the day. Outbound lists have different priorities and different success rates. Inbound SLAs differ from one activity to another. All this can either be automated or changed in Synthesys™ with minimum of fuss, little technical skill and no interruption to the flow of work.