More control. Less fuss.

"Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change."

Stephen Hawking

The constant struggle to balance effectiveness against efficiency across a range of varied and often incompatible activities is what contact centre managers have to confront on a daily basis. The last thing they need is technology that makes their already difficult job even harder. What is required is software that allows them to be in control at all times and change the way in which they deploy their resources dynamically, quickly and with minimum of fuss. Responding quickly to rapidly changing circumstances without causing any perceptible disruption to their agents work is essential.

Everything in Synthesys™ relates to a campaign. The term is used generically as a handle for all activities managed through the system. On an abstract level, a campaign (in our terminology) is a collection of rules that determine how a certain type of work is to be done. You may call it a marketing campaign or view it as another aspect of marketing automation but in essence Synthesys™ consists of sophisticated marketing automation software designed to deliver everything you may need for successful campaign management.

For example, this can include the business process, call scripts, the type of data to be used, which agent teams are assigned to each type of work and so on. Campaigns can involve inbound or outbound voice channels, web chat, email or just generic workflow.

The most powerful manifestation of the power of Synthesys™ Campaigns is in the context of outbound contact. The Synthesys™ Dialler is fully integrated with the Synthesys™ Campaigns functionality to deliver sophisticated, joined -up multimedia customer contact.

The distinction that Synthesys™ makes between the concept of "dialler" and the concept of "outbound campaigns" is not accidental. A dialler is a mechanistic device designed to be really efficient at dialling lists of numbers (or broadcasting to large email or SMS distribution lists) and delivering connected calls to agents.

On the other hand, we see outbound campaigns as the vehicle through which clever strategies are applied to the dialler in order to maximise conversion rates, contact rates and general list penetration. It is a way of desigining marketing campaign templates which would allow you to deploy multiple marketing csampaigns fast and control them with ease.

In the end you could have the most efficient dialler in the world, but if your conversion and contact rates remain low because you contact people at the wrong time, using the wrong agents or offering the wrong products or incentives, your results will be poor.

This is where Synthesys™ Campaigns can add real value. 

Campaigns Screenshot 1

Synthesys™ provides a unique list segmentation tool based on the visual manipulation of Venn diagrams. This is a good example of the way in which our guiding principles of making technology accessible to non-technical user is being put into practice.

 Most other systems tend to require the use of SQL (Structured Query Language) in order to filter records into various lists. This requires advanced technical knowhow which can sometimes delay that deployment of tactical campaign strategies. In Synthesys™ this is simply a "drag & drop" method involving the manipulation of graphical objects on screen and can be easily performed by a non-technical user.

Campaigns - Team Manager

Synthesys™ Campaigns also define what kind of work is presented to each agent by managing visually a hierarchy of teams and workgroups and then associating work streams to these teams. All this can be manipulated in real time and requires no downtime whatsoever.

It is important to note in the context of Synthesys™ Campaigns that unlike other systems, it is not the agent who chooses what they will be doing next, but it is the system working according to rules set up by administrators which does so on their behalf. All agents need to do is log into Synthesys™.

The fundamental principle is that an agent does not choose a campaign but that it is the campaign which "chooses" the agent. This does not limit in any way the agents' freedom to access data, but it prevents the practice of "cherry picking" the best or easiest work at the expense of more complex or difficult tasks. It also guarantees that customer contact appointments are not being missed and that each contact is made in a timely fashion. 
Campaigns - Call Recycling

In the context of providing user friendly tools for non-technical users to be able to achieve complex tasks, Synthesys™ provides a highly sophisticated tool for the definition of contact strategy. This visual tool provides the capability to define in a highly visual and intuitive manner the way in which contact attempts are to be made at any stage of a campaign.

For instance, once visually  defined these strategies can determine, based on previous contact attempts and customer attributes, when the next contact attempt should be made and what shape that contact should take in terms of what channel of communication should be utilised (home number, mobile, work, email, SMS, etc.).

Most systems can limit the number of attempts per record on a campaign basis. Synthesys™ takes the next quantum leap by allowing non-technical users to go much further than that and define consistent strategies which dramatically improve not only the list penetration but also conversion rate and the total value of each list.

Synthesys™ Campaigns provide many other user friendly yet powerful features such as:

  • Automated data imports, using a wide range of sources such as files, spreadsheets and databases.
  • Scheduling of MI reports to run periodically and be delivered in many different ways.
  • Blending of lists to deliver varied work to agents and still adhere to campaign specific SLAs.
  • Manage list quotas, so that a list can stop delivering records when certain conditions are met.
  • Use advanced contact parameters determining how you want to process each list. For instance, you can choose to try each record once before making a second attempt or save untried record for such times that there are no retries to be made.
  • Choose when you may wish to link a record to an agent (for instance, when agents are incentivised through commission) or at what point to release the link (for instance, when agents go on holiday).

To summarise, Synthesys™ Campaigns form the control centre of Synthesys™ which allows the non-technical user (such contact centre administrators) to cleverly orchestrate the flow of work through the contact centre so that an optimum can be achieved each and every day, delivering the maximum of value with a minimum of effort.