More you. Less who.

"The easiest kind of relationship for me is with ten thousand people. The hardest is with one."

Joan Baez

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is about not being a stranger. It starts from the simple things such as remembering your details from one contact you have with a company to the next and it can go much further into making you feel special and unique each time you communicate with them, regardless of the manner in which you or they choose to do so. It is about not being treated like a number but understanding what makes you different from everybody else. In the end, it is about the distinctive combination of characteristics that make you what you are.

Synthesys™ CRM is an integral part of the Synthesys™ product suite and it underpins each and every one of the other product modules. It provides the foundation to any successful interaction between your agents and your customers or prospects. 

Although CRM is central to Synthesys™, Synthesys™ is not a CRM system in the traditional sense. Our CRM functionality is there to support the contact centre activities in an understated and non-intrusive way. It acts as a repository of information about your clients, prospects, products or anything else and facilitates successful, knowledgeable and joined up interactions.

The central idea behind our CRM function is similar to everything else in Synthesys™. It allows you, the user, to design, create and amend multiple CRM entities in an intuitive, non-technical manner. Creating a CRM entity is as easy as anything else in Synthesys™. You do not need to be a technical expert to build rich CRM structures.

Synthesys™ does not limit you in any way in the number, size or complexity of CRM entities that can exist in the system at the same time. Each entity can have a different structure and relate to different campaigns or the same campaign. They can interrelate or be independent of each other.

Each CRM record provides a full history of all activity relating to that record. The information stored in the history of each record is not limited to Synthesys™ interactions but can include any document type (emails, images, scans, notes, etc.) as well as references to other Synthesys™ CRM entities.

Synthesys™ CRM presents user interfaces to the agent via a presentation layer which can be incorporated either within Synthesys™ scripts or the Synthesys™ Workflow user interface as well as being useable within customer developed applications.

In addition, Synthesys™ CRM provides an extensive API (Application Programmer's Interface) which allows external applications (such as enterprise systems or websites) to manipulate CRM entity data from outside Synthesys™ by using Web Services calls.

CRM Screenshot 1

To summarise, Synthesys™ CRM is a light-touch yet powerful CRM system which requires little customisation and can be operational "out of the box" removing the need for longwinded implementation projects. It is contact centre focused and works seamlessly with all the other Synthesys™ modules in order to provide a complete customer contact solution.