Predictive Dialler

More talk. Less silence.

"Silence is the virtue of fools."

Sir Francis Bacon

It may be true that silence is golden, but the call centre industry is possibly the most vivid exception to this universal rule. If you are met by silence (or even a recording) when you pick up the phone, chances are that you are at the receiving end of a call from a failing or even illegal call centre operation. If you walk into a call centre and you are faced with silent agents busily tapping keys on their phones or computer keyboards or simply gazing into thin air, it is very likely that you are seeing a loss-making enterprise. A good dialler is a silence reduction device in each and every sense of the word.

Why Choose Synthesys™

Why Choose Synthesis

    Patented advanced dialling technology

    You will more than double agent talk time even for smaller teams with the Synthesys™ Predictive Dialler by minimising the dead air time between live calls. We even patented some of our original technology (UK Patent GB2385487, with similar patents in the US, EU, SA & India) which makes the dialler much more effective than other products when the size of teams is smaller.

    This is based on closer observation of agent behaviours and pacing the dialler in such a way that these behaviours are taken into account. Without this important refinement, diallers begin to lose their effectiveness when team sizes fall below 20 agents and become utterly ineffective below 10 agents or so. This is not the case with the Synthesys™ Predictive Dialler.

    Our dialler still delivers high performance when team for teams as small as five agents. This is really important in modern outbound operations where in order to improve results, lists are highly segmented and therefore smaller in size. Long gone are the brute force techniques of feeding vast lists of undifferentiated telephone numbers into a dialler and hope for the best.

    These days, successful call centres opt for far more sophisticated techniques which rely on a deeper understanding of the data and the utilisation of this knowledge in order to target different population groups with different calling strategies. This leads to shorter lists and inevitably smaller teams.

    Therefore, in a sense, list segmentation leads to team fragmentation. This is where our dialling technology is at its best and can provide a real edge over alternative products.


    Not just a dialler - a complete, integrated outbound strategy management suite

    The word "dialler" implies a device that can trawl lists of telephone numbers and make calls automatically to these numbers in an efficient way. The Synthesys™ Dialler is much more than this. It provides a complete way of managing outbound campaigns by allowing the user to make subtle yet powerful decisions about how contact is to be made.

    Synthesys™ Campaigns, which are tightly and inextricably integrated with the dialler deliver things such as list segmentation, timing of calls, recycling strategies, list blending, multimedia, SLA management, and many other techniques is what transforms a dialler into a complete outbound solution.


    Fully Ofcom Compliant

    The UK boasts one of the strictest legal controls over the use of automatic dialling equipment. These controls are defined and administered by Ofcom, the UK quasi-governmental telecommunications watchdog. Heavy fines (up to £2million) can and have been imposed by Ofcom on organisations which persistently abuse diallers in contravention of the law.

    The Synthesys™ Dialler complies fully with all Ofcom regulations. The dialler is self-pacing so that abandoned predictive calls are kept strictly within the legally permitted levels automatically and without the need for human intervention. Any abandoned calls will always deliver a short recorded message and Caller LineIdentity (CLI) is always presented to all recipients of Synthesys™ Dialler calls.

    Fully Ofcom compliant

    One of the main areas which has been under most Ofcom scrutiny over the last few years has been the use of Answer Machine Detection (AMD) algorithms. These are methods (most diallers implement a method known as the "cadence method") which attempt to automatically determine if a call is connected to a real live person or an answering device and "filter out" the calls which fall in the latter category.

    The cadence method is notoriously inaccurate and has the disadvantage of introducing up to 2 seconds of silence at the start of each live call. This can put people off and hang up before they have a chance to talk to an agent. 

    Although Synthesys™ supports traditional AMD technology (based around the cadence method) Noetica provides strict guidelines as to the precautions that our customers need to take in order not to fall foul of the law when using this technology.

    We are currently investing in R&D projects exploring safer and more accurate methods which can be deployed for safe and effective use of AMD and we believe that we are on the verge of a breakthrough in this area. We expect to make some interesting announcements on this subkect within the next few months.

    Most countries around the world have introduced regulations limiting the use of automated dialling technologies. However, as the UK has one of the most stringent set of rules and regulations on this matter, Synthesys™ is perfectly safe to use in most countries and territories worldwide.


    Web Services SOAP API for easy live data feeds

    The ability to integrate the dialler with your website and possibly with other external websites (such as price comparison sites) and applications is a great way to contact people at the best possible moment when they are actually looking for your product or service.

    Synthesys™ provides a great way for external systems to insert records into the dialler for either an immediate or a scheduled call. For a complete reference for the APIs available, please refer to the Technical page within the WHERE IS THE DETAIL section of the website.


    Blended with inbound, email & chat even in predictive mode

    Blending is a great way of maintaining a steady throughput of calls to your agents regardless of the peaks and troughs of inbound call traffic. Synthesys™ Dialler allows you to not only mix inbound calls in with your outbound work but also guarantee inbound SLAs whilst making sure that your agent's productive time is maximised.

    Furthermore, Synthesys™ can also blend offline work such as email and SMS into the stream of calls (both inbound and outbound) and all this while you are dialling predictively as well. What is more, work on offline items can be interrupted by inbound calls if necessary and picked up later precisely from where it was left off.


    Dynamic campaign management with zero downtime

    Some diallers require the user to "log in" or "log out" of campaigns in order to change the nature of their activity. In some cases entire teams need to disconnect from the dialler and then reconnect to another campaign or list. In some case the process of changing campaign priorities, and achieving your outbound quotas involves much manual intervention and sometimes quite significant downtime and lost agent hours.

    None of this is necessary with the Synthesys™ Dialler. All campaign changes and work allocation is automatic and can be done "on the fly" without any downtime whatsoever. Going even further, you can plan campaigns in advance, prioritise them, set their parameters and let the system do the rest.


    Either “hard” and “soft” predictive dialler options

    With the Synthesys™ Dialler you do not have to make a choice between a "hard" (i.e. including its own telephony hardware) or a "soft" (i.e. pure software, dialling through your existing PBX) dialler.

    The same high performance dialler is available in either form or indeed as a combination of the two options.