More talk. Less silence.

"Silence is the virtue of fools."

Sir Francis Bacon

It may be true that silence is golden, but the call centre industry is possibly the most vivid exception to this universal rule. If you are met by silence (or even a recording) when you pick up the phone, chances are that you are at the receiving end of a call from a failing or even illegal call centre operation. If you walk into a call centre and you are faced with silent agents busily tapping keys on their phones or computer keyboards or simply gazing into thin air, it is very likely that you are seeing a loss making enterprise. A good dialler is a silence reduction device in each and every sense of the word.

The Synthesys™ Dialler is a comprehensive outbound contact solution. It comprises a high performance predictive dialler as well as a wide range of campaign management tools and is tightly integrated with the Synthesys™ CRM and Synthesys™ Scripting modules to form what is possibly the most coherent and complete outbound solutions on the market today.

Dialler - The Unfair Advantage

The fact that CRM forms an integral part of the Synthesys™ Dialler is a major advantage. This means that each agent can have a complete picture of the person they are talking to including a full history of all previous contacts as well as associated past transactions and any other relevant information.

Furthermore, this comprehensive knowledge of the target population allows for intelligent segmentation of the data into groups according to their individual characteristics and therefore to adjust the contact parameters (timing, agent type, offers, etc.)  in line with the specifics of each group.

The Synthesys™ Dialler provides many other advantages. First and foremost, it conforms to Noetica's philosophy that our technology should be useable by non-technical users and therefore you don't need a specialist technical dialler manager to run your outbound operation efficiently and effectively. The dialler is self-pacing and conforms fully to all Ofcom and international guidelines.

In addition to that, users can make frequent and instant changes to the way in which campaigns run by moving work between teams, blending lists, refreshing data and adjusting workload without a single minute of downtime. 

One of the most powerful and unique features of the Synthesys™ Dialler is the visual interface the controls the way in which records are recycled following an unsuccessful contact attempt. This allows the user to control the timing and mode of contact for the next attempt and of course the total number of attempts for each record.

The same visual tool can be used to turn any campaign into a true multimedia campaign by introducing elements of email and SMS broadcast as well as controlling SLAs on a "per list" basis. The net result of the ability to easily implement such sophisticated strategies is a major increase in list penetration.

The dialler can run standalone (using Aculab hardware) with zero -cost soft phones and USB headsets or can be configured to work in harmony with an existing PBX. It relies on the extensive Synthesys™ CTI module which interfaces fully with well over 40 different PBX platforms.

Regardless of the configuration, it is the same high power dialler in each and every case. On most of the popular PBX platforms (such as Avaya, Mitel, Cisco, Aspect, Alcatel, etc) , the Synthesys™ Dialler can run simply as a pure soft dialler enabling full blending of outbound traffic with inbound ACD calls.

The Synthesys™ Dialler features a rich SOAP Web Services API which allows calls to be scheduled in the dialler from external sources such as websites (like price comparison sites), database, CRM systems, and so on. It also allows priority calls to be requested and these are normally delivered to agents within seconds of a successful API call.

To summarise, the Synthesys™ Dialler sis the ideal tool for those who prefer sophistication and refinement in the way they choose to manage their outbound activities. In many ways it represents the gold standard of this niche of the contact centre technology space.

Synthesys™ Dialler - The Unfair Advantage

The Synthesys™ dialler provides unique,patent protected technology(Patent No: GB2385487) which guarantees consistently high performance even when teams become quite small (5-6 agents).

The idea behind this original technology is simple. Most (if not all) diallers on the market base their predictive algorithm on mathematical models which consider various factors. One of the most important such factors is the Average Call Duration. This is calculated per list, of course, as different lists will have different averages. The algorithms would then start preparing to dial for each agent as they approach this "magic" number of seconds/minutes.

The problem with this methodology is that the Average Call Duration is a probabilistic concept. The fact that the Average Call Duration for a specific list is say 5 minutes, does not mean that most calls are 5 minutes long. It is much more likely to mean that about half of the calls are 10 seconds long and the other half are just over 10 minutes long.

Now, when the number of agents is large (say over 25), this has little effect on the dialler as the probability effect causes all variations to average out. The problem with probability is that it only works for large numbers. The fact that tossing a coin 1 million time will result in roughly 500,000 tails and a similar amount of heads has no effect whatsoever over the result of the next coin toss.

The Synthesys™ dialler algorithm includes a patented refinement which capitalizes on the advanced integrated call scripting technology that is included in the product. So instead of working only with average call durations, Synthesys™ scripts inform the dialler of each agent's position within the call script and their movements within these scripts.

Therefore the dialler can base its decisions with respect to the amount of numbers to dial by considering the dynamic propensity of each agent to complete the call in relation to their position in the script.

This means that the Synthesys™ dialler can be much more precise in its predictions when teams are smaller (as in the 5-6 agents in your example) and is less dependent on probabilistic factors which, as explained above, tend to become useless as the size of team falls.