Do more with less.

"The more technique you have, the less you have to worry about it. The more technique there is, the less there is." 

Pablo Picasso

Were we to try and encapsulate the essence of our product in a few words, we would most probably say that it exists simply in order to make your organisation more profitable. It will make you more money, because it will allow you to do more in your contact centre and it will at the same time save you money because you will be able to do these things with less effort and therefore less cost. In other words, by using Synthesys™ you will be able to do more with less.

Why Choose Synthesys™

Why Choose Synthesis

    Simple and clear to use, yet very powerful

    Our declared aim at Noetica from the start has been to make things simple and intuitive for the user.

    We see it as our core mission to put the control of your customer contact methods in the hands of the business and not the IT department, as it is the business and operations people who really understand the values and aims of your business. Technology is there to facilitate the achievement of these goals, not to define or indeed limit them.

    However, empowering non-technical people to control and manipulate all this technological power should not mean that we somehow limit its efficacy or potency. Actually, by removing the artificial barriers of unnecessary jargon and complexity we have created a much more effective tool for running your contact centre.

    We would like you to be able to concentrate on running your business and not your systems.


    A complete contact centre solution from a single supplier

    With Synthesys™ you do not have to make a choice between the “best of breed” and the “single supplier” approaches to technology sourcing. We take great pride in everything we do and go to great length to ensure that each and every element of Synthesys™ is the best it can possibly be. We make a point to never create anything just in order to tick a box.

    Everything you may need to run a successful and efficient contact centre is included in Synthesys™. From telephony to CRM and from workflow to call scripting, there is very little that we do not provide as part of the Synthesys™ product family. If there is anything that you cannot find on this website, just ask us. We probably just omitted to mention it.


    Massively scalable, resilient, reliable, multi-lingual and secure

    Synthesys™ is used by many blue chip enterprises for their core customer contact activities. As such, Synthesys™ is a tried and tested platform with a proved track record.

    Synthesys™ has been deployed in installations ranging from a few tens to many hundreds of agents and tested for thousands of concurrent users.

    The system fully supports data replication and clustered deployments as well as private cloud distributed configurations. Our experts can advise on the best possible architecture to meet both stringent requirements and tight budgets.

    Synthesys™ also fully supports virtualisation, scalable server farms  as well as Citrix & Terminal Services.

    The system is multi-lingual and supports translation into any language including non-Latin alphabets. Amongst others, it has been successfully deployed in Greek and Japanese as well as French, German and other European languages.

    The platform implements high levels of data security (including PCI compliance) and supports several methods of data encryption and integrates fully with Active Directories.


    A unique way of delivering an intelligent, unified agent desktop

    If you believe, like we do, that successfully managing a contact centre operation is at most an art form and at least a discipline in its own right, you will agree that specialist systems are needed in order to enable contact centre professionals to carry out their jobs to the standards expected of them.

    These systems go far beyond obvious things such as telephones, PBX, ACD, wallboards and networks. What we are talking about are the systems that ensure not only that agents are productive but also that their managers are able to easily and precisely measure how productive they really are and have the ability to act on this information on  a day to day basis to increase both efficiency and effectiveness across the contact centre.

    One of the most important ways of achieving this is by analysing the business processes underlying your customer contact activities and building them into the applications that your contact centre agent use. We call this the intelligent or unified agent desktop.

    We do not suggest for one minute that you stop using your existing business systems. They are and will remain the backbone of your business. What we are proposing is using these applications intelligently only as and when required within the framework of processes which control your customer interactions.

    Unified or composite agent desktop technology is not unique to Synthesys™ and Noetica. However, what sets us apart from the rest is the fact that our approach is process centric. We place the emphasis not on the integration between systems but on the business processes and in what way are these processes dependent on these systems.

    There are some very real benefits to this approach. By virtue of simply utilising the system to conform to agree business processes, agents automatically collect data about the content of interactions which can later be analysed. Completing this virtuous cycle, the lessons learned from this analysis can be used to improve the very processes which generated the data in the first place.

    All the considerable firepower of the Synthesys™ suite  can be brought into play in order to facilitate a coherent and joined up approach to the agent desktop and used in this unique way to deliver consistency, performance, insight  and agility which are in a class of their own.