Do more with less.

"The more technique you have, the less you have to worry about it. The more technique there is, the less there is." 

Pablo Picasso

Were we to try and encapsulate the essence of our product in a few words, we would most probably say that it exists simply in order to make your organisation more profitable. It will make you more money, because it will allow you to do more in your contact centre and it will at the same time save you money because you will be able to do these things with less effort and therefore less cost. In other words, by using Synthesys™ you will be able to do more with less.

Synthesys™ is a comprehensive package that provides almost everything you will ever need in order to run and manage a successful, effective and efficient call centre operation. Developed over many years and incorporating a wealth of knowledge and experience of the call centre space, Synthesys™ is designed to reduce reliance on IT and empower the business functions to become autonomous and extremely agile by delivering integrated applications to the agents' desktop intelligently and in record time.

The underlying philosophy behind Synthesys™ is based on the concept of a process. Each customer interaction needs to conform to a clearly defined business process. At the heart of Synthesys™ is a Visual Interaction Design environment (the Interaction Studio or Editor) that enables non-technical users to clearly, easily and visually define and implement each business process in a rigorous yet flexible way, rapidly and without programming. These processes ("callflows"), can be simple or complex, self-contained or rely on a multitude of other systems that Synthesys™ brings together behind the scenes delivering a Unified Agent Desktop in a unique way.

Ultimately, Synthesys™ is there to deliver simplicity and consistency at the agent front end, regardless of the complexities that the existing IT infrastructure, telephony and the business rules may dictate. Synthesys™ supports the agile enterprise as inevitable rapid and frequent changes impact the way in which the business needs to interact with its customers.

Synthesys - Interaction

In addition to the core technology, Synthesys™ also provides a wide range of other contact centre related features and modules making it one of the most comprehensive software platforms for customer contact on the market:


  • A comprehensive customer contact solution "in a box".
  • A tactical native CRM system provided as standard.
  • Patent protected (software or hardware based) Predictive Dialling technology.
  • CTI connectors to well over 40 different telephony platforms including:
Avaya (all platforms) Aspect Cisco
Nortel Networks (Avaya) Alcatel Mitel
Inter-tel (Mitel) Ascom Contarra
CosmoCom Elmeg Aastra (Ericsson) (now Mitel)
Interactive Intelligence Macfarlane Micrologica
N-Lynx Technologies Panasonic Philips
Rockwell Samsung ShoreTel
Siemens Twincom Volt Delta
  • Advanced and intuitive outbound campaign management solution including visual list segmentation and maintenance, visual call recycling strategy engine, multimedia support for email, SMS, etc.
  • Web self-service utilising the .NET browser based mode of delivery for scripts.
  • Customisable Web Chat.
  • Call blending and blending of voice and multimedia (including web chat).
  • Detailed Live and historical reporting linking telephony information with call content.
  • Call centre workflow, visually designed and including SLA adherence rules.
  • Integration to most major CRM platforms including Oracle and MS Dynamics CRM.
  • Delivered either as a client server or a completely web based solution (or a combination of both).