More calls. Less effort.

"I have always wished that my computer would be as easy to use as my telephone. My wish has come true. I no longer know how to use my telephone."

Bjarne Stroustrup (originator of C++ programming language)

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is a collective name for a specific type of labour saving technologies that automate repetitive and inefficient tasks which otherwise call centre agents would need to perform in order to synchronise their software systems with their telephone. Whether it miraculously "pops" the correct customer's details on-screen or simply allows the agent to click on an icon to make or transfer a call, CTI technology makes call centre agents much more efficient by reducing call durations as well as the wasted time between calls. This is not only good for the bottom line but also for agent morale.

Synthesys™ provides two main options for handling voice calls:

  • CTI interfaces to well over 40 different PBX platforms.
  • Noetica's own Synthesys™ Voice PBX/ACD platform.

Although both options provide similar functionality, the Synthesys™ Voice platform provides some additional benefits and also offers an excellent value for money alternative in cases where there is no existing PBX infrastructure or when such infrastructure is approaching end of life.

The following functionality is platform agnostic and is delivered through Synthesys whether using the Synthesys Voice platform or any PBX from the following vendors:

Avaya (all platforms) Aspect Cisco
Nortel Networks (Avaya) Alcatel Mitel
Siemens Ascom Inter-tel (Mitel)
CosmoCom (Enghouse) Elmeg Aastra (Ericsson)
Interactive Intelligence Macfarlane Micrologica
N-Lynx Technologies Panasonic Philips
Rockwell Samsung ShoreTel
Contarra Twincom Volt Delta
Genesys Asterisk NEC
  • Inbound DDI (dialled number) or CLI (calling number) screen pops.
  • Inbound DDI (dialled number) or CLI (calling number) screen pops.
  • "Click to dial" functionality.
  • Progressive dialling.
  • Voice & data hold.
  • Scheduled call-backs (with or without persistent script positioning)

On most platforms Synthesys™ additionally provides:

  • Voice and data transfers of several types:
    • Consultative
    • Blind (to agent or to queue)
    • Conference (three way: agent, transferee, client)
    • Voice & data parking
    • Call blending

On some platforms (Avaya, Mitel, Cisco, Aspect, Alcatel, etc.) Synthesys™ also provides:

  • Software only predictive dialling (soft predictive dialler).
  • Answer Machine Detection (Avaya & Aspect only).

The Synthesys™ Voice Platform (PBX/ACD)

In the absence of an existing modern PBX/ACD platform, Synthesys™ provides a native voice solution based around high quality and reliability ProsodyX range of voice hardware from Aculab. This platform can handle traditional ISDN circuits as well as SIP trunks or a combination of the two.

Synthesys™ Voice Inbound

As all outbound activity is handled through the Synthesys™ Campaigns & Synthesys™ Dialler, it is interesting at this point to examine the inbound features that the Synthesys™ Voice platform has to offer:


  • Each incoming DDI is associated with an inbound strategy.
  • For each call, a minimum ring time can be configured before it is answered.
  • Before going on the queue, a regulatory message can be played (for example, 'Your call may be recorded for training purposes…').
  • While queuing, the caller can hear ringing or listen to music (a WAV file).

    Voice - Switch Strategy Manager 
  • Calls can optionally be recorded (see more below).
  • A list of primary teams can be assigned to each strategy.
  • Optionally, if the call isn't answered in a configurable time, then the call can overflow to a wider list of teams.
  • A message can be played when this happens.
  • Optionally, if the call isn't answered after a given time, it can be dropped.
  • The number of inbound calls that can be queued is only limited by the number of lines configured on the system.
  • The longest waiting call is answered first, and is given to the longest waiting agent who is in the correct teams and who is not on wrap.
  • Personal Account Manager (PAM) feature allows calls to be routed to preferred agent(s) or team(s) per-customer (depends on successful CLI recognition).
  • Opening hours can be configured.
  • A message can be played when the offices are closed.
  • Agent wrap-up time can be configured.
  • All system messages are held in WAV files and can be customised per inbound campaign.
  • All call details (successful or abandoned) are logged to a database for reporting on call centre performance.

Synthesys™ Voice Recording

Synthesys™ provides a low cost voice recording solution on the Synthesys™ Voice platform. The Synthesys™ Voice Recording solution provides a unique and extremely effective way of retrieving voice recordings by linking all recordings to underlying Synthesys™ CRM records where they simply become part of the customer history. 

Of course, more traditional methods of retrieval by agent, time, phone number and so on are also available. 

Synthesys™ Voice Recording integrates perfectly with Synthesys™ Scripting to allow the recording of calls to be stopped and started automatically (i.e. without agent intervention) as the agent progresses through a script. This is particularly useful for PCI compliance. 

Synthesys™ Voice Monitoring

The Synthesys™ Voice platform also provides a "listening in" mechanism which allows supervisors and tem leaders to monitor the quality of calls as they happen. This mode of silent "eavesdropping" can be done either by selecting a specific agent or by selecting a campaign or team whereby the system will select agents at random for this purpose. 

This is an invaluable tool for quality monitoring and continuous assessment. 

Altogether, the Synthesys™ Voice platform provides a comprehensive and highly cost effective yet scalable and robust solution for call centres of all sizes eliminating the need to make heavy investments in products from specialist vendors which tend to be bloated with an endless array of features which are likely to remain unused.