More order. Less chaos.

"Chaos is a name for any order that produces confusion in our minds."

George Santayana

Contact centres are not just about singular, isolated interactions between agents and customers. Although First Call Resolution has become the Holy Grail of the call centre industry, it's very desirability points to the fact that not all matters can be concluded there and then. Occasionally, several follow-on activities are required over a period of time to bring each case to a satisfactory conclusion.  In many cases, more than one person would be involved at various stages of the process and each one needs to be aware of previous actions and be guided as to the next required activity. Although a variety of enterprise workflow systems exist commercially, sometimes what is required is workflow functionality specifically aimed at the contact centre.

Why Choose Synthesys™

Why Choose Synthesis

    Message handling and mobile workforce despatch

    Synthesys™ is the ideal solution for call centres specialising in message handling or the despatch of engineering, medical or other field or emergency call-out personnel. The system provides a comprehensive set of intuitive and non-technical tools for the management of on-call rotas and roles.

    The system is robust and reliable as well as highly configurable. It can handle many thousands of clients with their individual escalation procedures and respective on-call rotas simultaneously. Setting up a new client is a simple non-technical process and can be completed in minutes with a minimum of fuss.

    The same system can also be used very effectively for in-house operations managing multi-team regional field service despatch. Synthesys™ provides call-out rotas based on geographical catchment areas, branches or departments.


    Integrated with scripting

    The points of any workflow process where the agent needs to interact with a customer are handled consistently through Synthesys™ Scripting. A workflow case could start with a call, and involve several further calls until the case is closed. All these interactions can be handled by using one or more scripts.

    Although a case may be handled by several agents all the knowledge related to the case is clearly displayed so that any agent handling a case has all the necessary information at their fingertips. The use of scripting in these circumstances has the added advantage of providing a consistent data record of all conversations with the client during the various stages of handling the case.


    Unified messaging (UMS)

    Communications with field personnel can be across a variety of channels such as landline or mobile phones as well as SMS, email or even old fashioned pagers. The system can maintain any number of contact lists which can be used in the context of workflow processes.

    Contact lists include all contact methods for each person on the list and also a contact strategy which prioritises certain contact methods over others depending on timing of the contact. So, for instance, a mobile number may be the preferred mode of contact during weekday mornings but an office landline is preferred during the afternoons, while text messaging is the chosen method in the evenings.

    These prioritised means of contact can be used within the context of workflow escalation procedures in such a way that optimises the chances of contact and at the same time does not inconvenience their recipients.


    Escalation procedures, billing and full activity audits

    Synthesys™ provides extended facilities for the creation and deployment of sophisticated escalation procedures which ensure that strict service levels (SLAs) are adhered to. These procedures are designed visually, by non-technical users and can be deployed or modified instantly.

    These escalation procedures integrate seamlessly with the other workflow elements such as Unified Messaging (UMS), Synthesys™ Scripting and the on-call rotas to form a coherent unit.

    Most importantly, all activities carried out by contact centre staff when utilising the Synthesys™ Workflow software are logged automatically within the Synthesys™ database and can be not only fully audited, but also form the basis of accurate client billing.

    Billing clients with complete confidence in the accuracy of the data and ability to cross reference all billable items to specific records is crucial for any contact centre operation (whether in-house or outsourced) involved in any type of workflow or message handling. Synthesys™ guarantees the accuracy of this crucial function.


    Complex, multi-stage interactive processes

    Some customer interaction processes can involve several steps which cannot be completed during the course of one conversation. These type of processes typically involve a series of activities and checks which need to be completed in a specific order requiring the involvement of a series of participants.

    Synthesys™ Workflow ensures that such processes are handled consistently and with little or no risk of omissions or errors.  The initial interaction can trigger a series of events which involve timely reminders involving activities which need to happen in a timely and coordinate fashion.

    Such processes can involve the collection and verification of documents, approvals or repairs. They may coordinate deliveries with billing and customer satisfaction surveys. In many ways they allow the completion of complex transactions in a coordinated and orderly fashion.