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07 March 2013

By: Danny Singer

Myth #1: Call scripts put customers off

myth buster

Really? What actually puts people off is dealing with agents who don't listen, talk AT you and do not engage with you.

Bored agentModern call scripting technology has very little to do with reading things out to a customer and everything to do with making the customer experience as smooth and effective as possible. Think about the countless marriages saved by the invention of sat-nav…

Call scripting is nothing short of a navigation system taking the agent from "Hello" to "Goodbye" via the most efficient route. In the same way that using a sat-nav system does not make you a bad driver, using a call script does not make you a bad agent. It is bad use of call scripting that gives this technology a bad name.

Used correctly, it liberates the agents from the terror of having to memorise endless business rules and processes, it brings consistency across the contact centre, dramatically increases First Call Resolution (FCR) rates and reduces Average Call Handling (ACH) times. It not only saves money, but it will reduce the irritation your customers feel and it might just save your relationship with them.