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26 March 2013

By: Danny Singer

Myth #4: Integration is expensive

myth buster

One of the most irritating things about call centres is how absurdly disjointed they tend to be. You know the drill. First you need to go through an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) labyrinth which may eventually and after some careful yet laborious buttons pushing on your phone (including 16 digit numbers, dates of birth or complex customer IDs) deliver you to a queue where you will hear a disembodied voice endlessly telling you how important your call is.

Let's assume that you do eventually manage to talk to a human being. The first thing that they will ask you to confirm is who you are! Considering that you have spent the last 15 minutes or so making several attempts at keying in your personal details, this is not just unnecessary but bordering on cruel. The problem is that the IVR system is not integrated to the system that the call centre agents see in front of them.

This is just the beginning... Once you repeat all your personal details and spell out your mother's maiden name several times you are kindly asked to wait patiently until "I bring your details up on my screen".

What that euphemism usually means is that the  call centre agent you are talking to has to stop talking to you to in order to launch one or more applications and then copy and paste your details into each one of them in order to locate you. The problem being, again, the fact that none of these systems talk to each other or to the initial system that the agent used to confirm you are who you said you are.


Joking aside, the reason most call centres operate in this way is because they feel that the cost, effort and disruption associated with trying to bring all these systems together cannot be justified by the business benefits of doing so. There are good reasons for this, as traditional integration projects tended to involve large teams of developers and were often seen to be technically challenging, expensive and lengthy.

This is no longer the case.

At Noetica, we are challenging the defeatism of this approach. Our Synthesys™ platform provides an array of simple to use tools that make integration straightforward. Whether you wish to integrate your telephony and IVR with your agent screens and then integrate these with your enterprise, back office or legacy applications or simply automate the data flow between them all, it is all easily achievable.

Synthesys™ is built for integration. It is designed to create bridges between islands of technology and then incorporate these bridges within agent applications that embody the dynamic business processes of your organisation.

Most importantly, it is designed in such a way so it can all be done by people who are not software developers or indeed particularly technically minded. So there is no excuse any longer for any organisation to annoy their customers by not providing joined up systems.

In the end this would also benefit the call centre as Average Handling Times (AHT) per call will drop dramatically as will the number of abandoned calls. It is a classic example of doing more with less.