What's going on?


24 April 2013

By: Danny Singer

What's New in Synthesys #1




  • Synthesys.NET™ call scripting is now fully compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.


  • Music on Hold is now available on the Synthesys™ Voice inbound platform on a "per campaign" (DDI) basis.


  • Synthesys.NET™ call scripting now provides a "multi-tabbed" HTML viewer (agent "prompt") component which allows data to be displayed in separate "tabs" that the agent
    can flick between.


  • Synthesys™ (both Classic and .NET) now provide the ability to run post-call CSAT surveys on the Avaya platform.


  • The Synthesys™ predictive dialler platform (hard dialler only) can now divert all answer machine detected (AMD) calls automatically to Synthesys™ IVR and prompt for a DTMF tone. If such tone is detected, the call is classified as a "False Positive" and transferred to an agent and/or simply discarded from the list to avoid further calls to that number. Although not ideal, this provides a way of using AMD with relative safety.