What's going on?


01 May 2013

By: Danny Singer

What's New in Synthesys #2


  • Just released! Brand new advanced IVR capability is now natively available in conjunction with the Synthesys™ Voice platform. Apart from the obvious DTMF routing options ("press 1 for X, press 2 for Y,…") our IVR scripts can now seamlessly interrogate external databases, invoke web services, and much more. IVR scripts can then dynamically branch based on this external data. Please ask for further details


  • Synthesys.NET™ now supports a "Macro" component which allows Synthesys™ scripts to invoke a series of pre-recorded actions and keystrokes outside the browser within which the script runs. This is typically used to invoke external applications and prepopulate them with data from the Synthesys™ script.


  • In Synthesys.NET™, the Cascading Dropdown control now provides a brand new data import facility. This allows the control to import its multi-level options from a simple Excel spreadsheet (or CSV file).


  • Synthesys™ now supports Conference Transfers (where the agent, the customer and the transferee can all hear each other before the agent drops out) on all telephony platforms where TAPI is the interface protocol (ShoreTel, Cisco, IP Office, etc.)


  • The very useful Agent Diary is now finally available in Synthesys.NET™. The Agent Diary allows outbound agents to see what scheduled calls are in their pipeline and manipulate them by changing timings, passing on to colleagues, deleting, etc. A very useful tool for outbound work allowing agents to plan their day around their scheduled calls.