What's going on?


08 May 2013

By: Danny Singer

What's New in Synthesys #3


  • Just released!  Synthesys.NET™ now comes with brand new browser based Live Monitor widgets. Some of the richness of the Live Monitor real time information which users of Synthesys™ have been enjoying for years is now available in bite size chunks as web parts in the Synthesys.NET™ portal (or indeed any other web page). Please ask for more details.


  • Also on the Live Monitoring front, the Synthesys™ voice platform (ACD) now provides a brand new web service which will allow Synthesys™ users to design their own wallboards, mobile apps and supervisor displays with current call traffic and agent utilisation data, under their own UI design and branding.


  • The Synthesys.NET interaction studio now provides the facility to filter the visibility of webflows (call scripts) in accordance to team assignment, this means for example that different departments cannot see or edit each other's webflows and it is a very useful for distributed call centres which share a single installation of Synthesys.NET.


  •  Synthesys.NET™ now supports copy/paste functionality for Global Variables.


  • There is a new global setting in Synthesys™ which can alter the default behaviour of "Hold" by allowing a new mode that will only hold the voice and not the call script.