What's going on?


29 May 2013

By: Danny Singer

What's New in Synthesys #5


  • Synthesys.NET™ now provides the ability to allow agents to choose when they schedule a call back whether they would prefer to reserve the callback for themselves or open it up to their entire team. Previously this choice was only possible globally across a list. This is still available but now two more reschedule reasons are available: personal reschedule and group reschedule.


  • Synthesys.NET™ scripts can now run in an iFrame and are the perfect solution for complex web self-service. The same logic which guides your agents in the contact centre can be deployed on your website for your clients to use, reducing your call centre traffic.


  • Synthesys.NET™ scripts can now be individually branded using customized Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). This allows each script to match a separate corporate style. Alternatively, several scripts can share the same CSS file.


  • Synthesys™ now integrates with the VoltDelta telephony platform providing screen pops as well as click-to-dial and call transfer functionality.


  • Noetica has signed a new agreement to provide the Synthesys™ solution to Lifetime Legal, a firm specializing in legal services mainly related to real estate and conveyancing. Lifetime Legal will be using the Synthesys™ platform for both outbound and inbound telephony as well as call scripting, CRM fully integrated to their other back office systems.