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The charity, NGO or so called "third" sector has evolved dramatically over the last few years. Gone are the days when the repertoire of the fundraiser was limited to shaking a bucket full of coins in a busy railway station or taking a sponsored walk in a Goofy outfit. Although these methods, as well as media appeals and glitzy events are still very much in use, the focus is shifting towards more regular, predictable giving.

Using advanced telemarketing techniques in a concerted, sustained and highly targeted multimedia effort provides much higher and reliable returns than the methods of old. Charities are increasingly adopting advanced telesales techniques in order to generate the revenues they need.

Synthesys™ is widely used globally by some of the most respected and successful organisations in this space precisely because Noetica's ethos of doing "more with less" coincides with their world view. The combination of the built-in CRM system with an advanced Dialler and the ability to deploy highly sophisticated Campaign strategies and customer segmentation techniques makes Synthesys™ the absolute ideal platform for fundraising.

By storing as much information as possible about donors within Synthesys™ CRM guarantees that they are approached only at the right time and for the right reason. This ensures that when a contact is made it is much more likely to have a positive outcome and result in predictable recurring donations which are the aim of most modern fundraising organisations.