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Insight - Australia

Case Study - Insight CCS

The Australia-based Insight Call Centre Services, a contact centre running outbound telemarketing fundraising campaigns on behalf of Australian non profit organisation such as Surf Life Saving and the Rural Fire Brigades Association, has implemented Noetica's Synthesys™ Script Aware Predictive Dialler. 



Insight has already recorded improved agent satisfaction and overall productivity as a direct result.

"Prior to implementing the dialler it was only feasible to undertake campaigns when the customer had an existing database of warm leads. With Noetica we are able to comfortably conduct campaign using only cold calling. This significantly enhances the quality of our fundraising campaigns."

Simon Quinn - Owner of Insight

The agents at Insight's 50-seat contact centre in Sydney are spending less time manually dialling the telephone, enabling them to get into a rhythm of making calls and talking to customers. Quinn continues, "The Synthesys™ Script Aware Predictive Dialler has removed the frustration of getting no answer, and no such numbers. As a result our agents are enthused and retain momentum from call-to-call."

Managing Director of Noetica, Danny Singer comments, "Script Aware Predictive Dialling reduces the problem of nuisance calling, the agent is able to handle more calls and the call centre benefits from optimised productivity. This new generation of dialler is set to become the industry standard for outbound call management."

The Noetica Script Aware Predictive Dialler works in tandem with Noetica Synthesys™ workflow - a software application that logically guides Insight agents through a call with a prospect or customer, by prompting them with relevant questions and information via an intelligently branching workflow script.

The dialler uses predictive algorithms to establish how far the agent has progressed through the workflow to determine the point at which they are available for the next call. Once this point is reached the dialler is activated and the agent immediately presented with the next call.