Who's using it


"You don't need to pray to God any more when there are storms in the sky, but you do have to be insured."

Bertolt Brecht

Synthesys™ is not an insurance or finance system. On the other hand insurance systems, whether policy or claims management or any other  specialist packages are not customer contact systems either. This is the reason why Synthesys™ is widely used in the insurance industry to complement specialist  insurance systems in a customer contact context, whether in the call centre or online.



The insurance and finance industry is characterised by high volumes of intensive customer contact. Whether it is inbound traffic such as claims  capture (First Notification of Loss - FNOL) or policy changes (Mid Term Adjustments - MTA) or outbound traffic like policy renewals or simply sales,  these are well defined industry wide processes.

This is where Synthesys™ comes into its own. The way in which it provides the ability to deploy these processes across large contact  centres, customise them to each and every product line and integrate them to the underlying policy management systems generates abundant and rapid return on  investment.

For instance, Synthesys™ has been at the forefront of seamless and efficient integration with "aggregators" or price comparison sites  (such as CompareTheMarket.com, Confused.com, MoneySupermarket.com and many others) from the early days of this phenomenon. Synthesys™ provides an open web  services API which allow such websites to insert records directly into Synthesys™ CRM and queue them for immediate outbound action.

Not only can Synthesys™ action such leads for instant outbound calling but it can also be set up to  decide based on the lead information what is the best approach for each lead. For some, only an instant and immediate call would do, while for others  an email or an SMS may be the best option as an opening gambit. All this can be set up easily and adjusted with a minimum of fuss.

Over the last few years, Noetica has made major inroads into the insurance and finance industry with global names such Allianz, SPB, Ageas  and more recently Barclays (with other big names about to join them soon) helping to establish Synthesys™ as the de facto gold standard for customer  contact technology in this space.