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Modern legal practices have shaken off the conservative and technology free image that has been for so long associated with their profession. Perhaps as a result of  transatlantic influences or perhaps through easier proliferation of knowledge via the internet, we find ourselves living in a much more litigious society.

The result of this phenomenon is the need for legal firms to manage large volumes of small to medium size cases which require a high degree of automation and administration to guarantee that each case receives the attention it deserves. The Synthesys™ Workflow tools are ideal for streamlining these activities and ensuring that cases are handled according to strict SLAs.

In addition, many legal firms are generating new business by advertising and outbound Multimedia Campaigns on a regular basis. Whatever areas of the law that they wish to provide services for, the competition is fierce and successful legal firms are increasingly adopting mass marketing techniques to ensure a constant stream of business crosses their threshold.

Synthesys™ is the ideal tool for rationalising the processes involved in the generation and servicing of new and profitable cases. This is why an increasing number of legal firms are successfully deploying Noetica's software for both acquiring and servicing new customers.