Who's using it


Television is becoming a collage - there are so many  channels that you move through them making a collage yourself. In that sense,  everyone sees something a bit different.

David Hockney

Whether specialising in the printed or online written word across newspapers, magazines and online, or in the visual realm of specialist television channels, publishing and broadcasting organisations are faced with the increasingly difficult challenge of capturing and maintaining the attention of a progressively media savvy public.

One of the ways of achieving this is through the creation of  large communities of subscribers, the main purpose being to convert the casual  reader, listener or viewer of this output into a loyal paying customer and  retain their custom over several years.

This is where the seamless mix of multimedia channels that  Synthesys™ offers becomes crucial. This is an increasingly technologically aware market consisting of individuals who will effortlessly switch between  their tablet, laptop and smartphone to communicate and gain access to information. 

It is however vital that media organisations manage to maintain regular contact with their existing and potential subscribers. They need to ensure a constant new audience for their output as well as making sure that their existing customers renew their subscriptions each year in a market that is increasingly crowded and noisy.

Noetica's success in this market is a direct result of our products' ability to adapt quickly to this constantly changing environment and deliver a consistent message across channels. Whether it is through delivery consistency across call centres through clever call Scripting or effective subscription sales and renewals through intelligent deployment of our Dialler media and technology organisations worldwide are using Synthesys™ to great effect.