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Time Warner

Case Study - Time Warner


Time Warner Publishing B.V. selected Synthesys™ to manage all inbound European customer communications in its 70 seat contact centre which provides customer service for several clients including Time Life, Time International and the National Geographic Society. Noetica's contact centre management solution - Synthesys™ including its high volume email-handling feature Multimedia - will be implemented at its call centre to provide agents with a single workflow-driven interface to ensure efficient and consistent customer service. 

Time Warner Publishing B.V. is a subsidiary of AOL Time Warner. It is full service international fulfilment bureau for magazine subscriptions and order management. Serving an international customer base of over 5 million, Time Warner Publishing's 70 seat call centre receives over 2000 customer telephone calls and emails each day, regarding the placing of orders, changes of address, replacement items and other enquiries. Director of Support Services at Time Warner, David Jaques comments, "Regardless of the channel of communication we need to give each customer and prospect a full and timely response to their enquiry. High volumes of inbound communication and all manner of enquiries regarding the huge range of products and services offered, places overwhelming pressure on our agents."

"We are able to read and write directly to and from the mainframe systems and present the relevant information to the agents in the script."

Using the Windows-based system a telephone call or email is automatically presented to an agent in a familiar script-based format. It then guides the agent through the process of searching for and updating customer records, placing orders, cancelling subscriptions and customer service enquiries. Using intelligent branching, Synthesys™ makes user-defined decisions based on the data captured. In the case of email it compiles an automated personalised response, whilst on a telephone call the agent is prompted with appropriate lines of questioning until the enquiry is resolved.

"We use three mainframe systems that contain customer records, product information and magazine subscription details. Using an ActiveX control developed by Noetica, we are able to read and write directly to and from the mainframe systems and present the relevant information to the agents in the script," explains Jaques. Managing Director at Noetica, Danny Singer explains, "Now, with Noetica, using a single interface, agents will be managing customer enquiries efficiently across all systems." Noetica's system also enables the call centre manager to monitor activity and amend the scripts using its intuitive drag and drop style authoring tool. "We can immediately refine the agents' scripts based on previous interactions, or in response to new products or special offers that become available," said Jaques.