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Although proactive outbound contact defines an activity rather than a market vertical, we tend to group companies which rely heavily on high performance diallers at the core of their business into a horizontal market segment with certain defining traits. Whether an in-house operations promoting the proliferation of their own products and services or an agency doing the same on behalf of their clients, they all share the need for an industrial strength dialler platform.

Up until a few years ago, the meaning of "industrial strength dialler" was confined to a sort of brute force mechanical golem that managed to consume vast lists of telephone numbers at one end and deliver a string of calls to a large number of call centre agents whilst minimising (or even eliminating) any pauses between calls.

Over the last few years, things have changed dramatically. The introduction of strict controls over nuisance calling combined with the introduction of the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) in the UK and similar measures across the world have meant that users of predictive dialling equipment have become aware of the important distinction between efficiency and

These days, a much bigger emphasis is placed on the intelligence, subtlety and sophistication of outbound campaign management as opposed to mere brute force. Gone are the days when one could walk into a football pitch sized room with hundreds of agents sharing one massive list of numbers in a single monolithic campaign.

The success of outbound operations depends much more on things like intelligent data segmentation, call recycling strategies, sensible matching of agents to lists, seamless integration with other media such as SMS and email, CRM based dialling, and many other techniques which can combine to deliver highly successful campaigns.

Synthesys™ is the perfect tool for the intelligent user of outbound. The combination of a highly efficient, self-pacing predictive dialler with intuitive yet powerful campaign strategy tools make Synthesys™ the "thinking person's dialler", and the perfect embodiment of Noetica's philosophy of doing more with less.