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Case Study - Avaya and 2Touch

2Touch Streamlines Customer Interaction Processes with Avaya and Noetica Solution. 2Touch, an Acxiom company, is the UK's leading customer experience service provider, including contact centre, fulfilment, response handling and data management services. The company is based in Sunderland, United Kingdom. Acxiom Corporation, headquartered in the United States, creates and delivers customer and information management solutions. 



Avaya            2Touch

A Business Challenge

2Touch needed a front-end solution to guide agents through conversations with their clients' customers; the solution needed to be deployed within a short timeframe. In addition, 2Touch needed a tool that would save time and energy in setting up new customer interaction processes and making amendments to existing ones. 2Touch also needed to expand its operations with a stable and well accepted customer interaction management software.

2Touch selected the solution offered by Avaya and Noetica Ltd. Noetica is a Gold-level member in the Avaya Developer Connection (DevConnect) program.

Key Capabilities of the Solution

Avaya CMS provides the information and management tools customers need to monitor and analyze the performance of their contact centre operations, showing where improvements are needed and where to take fast, effective action.

Synthesys™ is a Customer Interaction Management (CIM) and Predictive Dialer software combining a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) unified agent front end with a Business Process Management engine. Agents use one single system only.

Non-technical staff can map processes and tailor screens to each process step within minutes and without any downtime. Via one seamless system, Synthesys™ enables users to:

  • Unify front end through SOA type software framework
  • Streamline multiple front end processes without programming
  • Fix maximum of silent calls, yet optimize agent productivity
  • Gather field service requests from clients and dispatch them to field staff

Seamless Transition to a New System

The solution was installed in just four days. This rapid deployment time allowed the company to be agile and adapt quickly and flexibly to new or changed project demands.

Because Synthesys™ is designed for non-technical staff, 2Touch call center management has complete control of the call center. 2Touch was able to quickly set up new client campaigns and rapidly scale up the number of seats when required. Agents were guided through the workflow, reducing training times to almost zero.

With over 200 agent seats utilizing Noetica's software, the product stability proved to be excellent - in what is a high-pressure environment. The solution was very well received by end users, call center managers and technicians alike.

Benefits for the Company

The solution has continually proved to be a big success on campaigns for an ever-growing range of clients across a number of vertical markets.

In addition:

  • Customer interaction processes were streamlined, increasing operations efficiency and performance.
  • Because agents only had to deal with one system, training times were reduced to a minimum; this reduced failure rates and increased productivity.
  • Multiple front end processes were streamlined without programming, increasing operations efficiency and performance.
  • The rapid deployment time of four days led to competitive advantages regarding time-to-market outsourcing projects.

"Noetica provides us with a first-class interactive solution that helps us to provide a fast response to new client requests," says a spokesperson from 2Touch. "It also enables us to manage and train agents to the highest calibre, increasing efficiency and performance."

2Touch Streamlines Customer Interaction
Processes With Avaya and Noetica Solution