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Digicall Switzerland

"With Synthesys™, we were able to gain a competitive edge through its user-friendly, non-technical set-up, removing the need for C++ or Java programmers. This also gives us the enormous advantage in the speed of set-up times; we can have a campaign conceived, written, tested and up and running within just a few days."  

 Rémy Berzin - Call Centre Manager

Digicall is one of Switzerland's top three paging service providers, offering real-time information services across its paging network. With over 1,200 clients, and a wealth of experience in communications services provision, Digicall now also provides call centre services.  They wanted to offer their clients' not only traditional call centre services, but also intelligent customer contact management.  After a review of the available software systems that could support Digicall's business expansion, Noetica's Synthesys™ was chosen as the best solution.  



"Our strategy of moving into call centre services was not to become a simple outsourcing centre for handling massive call volumes.  We knew there was a demand from our clients and prospects for more sophisticated customer contact management to support their customer relationship management (CRM) plans.

Anyone who knows about call centre technology can instantly see how demanding we had to be about the capabilities and flexibility of our chosen software.  One of our key requirements was that the system could create and modify in real-time, so we could rapidly make amendments to campaigns."

"One of our key requirements was that the system could create and modify in real-time, so we could rapidly make amendments to campaigns"

"We have now successfully piloted Synthesys™ for some months, to be absolutely sure the software would deliver on its exciting promises.  Now we have obtained that operational proof, we are rolling out to our full initial license of 35 seats with Synthesys.  As our business expands so will our use of Synthesys™!"

"The variety of call flows being handled is now very broad.  We handle the customer service calls for a major lift company where the underlying workflow capabilities of Synthesys™ are essential for implementing effective problem resolutions.  For several organisations we conduct outbound market research where speedy set-up and on-going questionnaire refinement is required."

"Over the next few years, the emergence of sophisticated, flexible response centres, supported by appropriate technology such as Synthesys, is going to give the established call centre players an uncomfortable run for their money!"

"We also take calls on behalf of a direct motor insurer, for whom we manage quotations by telephone.   Synthesys™ has the ability to recognise caller line identification (CLI), which verifies caller details and automatically retrieves their details.  Customer details such as name and address etc. are then automatically placed into the CallFlow."

"Finally, we chose Synthesys™ because it will evolve with our changing needs.  We are well aware that in a few years time, call centres will transform into broader 'response centres' with voice, web and e-mail being the main enquiry media.  This is without even taking into consideration the impending factors of interactive television and two-way mobile access to the web.  The fact that Synthesys™ started life with elements of web-enablement, plus the system's development plans for routing by skill-set and media type were therefore critical to us."