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The deregulation of the utilities markets has led to fierce competition for consumers between the various electricity, gas, water and telecoms companies operating in this crowded space. In order to maintain and try to increase market share, utility companies find themselves at the forefront of customer contact technology trying to gain an advantage over their competitors by deploying ever more sophisticated techniques.

Synthesys™ is precisely the kind of advanced Dialler that utilities use to great effect when trying to steal the march on their rivals. The ability to contact potential customers at the right time with the right offer and in the right manner is crucial in this context. It is the unique set of features that the combination of Synthesys™ Campaigns, Scripting and CRM that  can have a powerful impact when deployed correctly.

There was a time when utility companies simply used brute force mass dialling with one simple and undifferentiated message in order to attempt to gain new clients. Those times are now gone. The public is much more sophisticated and well informed than it was ten years ago. The mere suggestion of a paltry and temporary discount on the price of a commodity will not convince Joe Public to switch to a new supplier.

People's lives are too busy and price comparison sites have made it so much easier to get rapid and accurate data on the cheapest deal. This is why the old techniques no longer work. These days the balance is tilted firmly in favour of those organisations using intelligent methods of telemarketing. Synthesys™ is the kind of modern, sophisticated tool that such utility companies use in order to consistently contact only the right people at the right time with the right offer.