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  • Embedding web Pages in Synthesys Scripts

    Version: Classic V4.3 and above

    Module: Callflow Editor & Take Calls

    Our client needed to incorporate an enterprise (subscription management) web based system within Synthesys™ Scripts. Furthermore, they needed to pass information collected in the Synthesys™ script to the subscription management system an also retrieve information from the web based system during and after the call.

    The Synthesys™ Memo control, which is a standard component of Synthesys™ Scripting and is used mainly as a "large text box" within scripts has an additional feature that allows any URL to be passed to it through a property.

    The Memo control would then turn into a browser (IE) frame inside the script and will host the page pointed to by the URL. Furthermore, URLs can contain parameters which will pre-populate data capture fields on the initial page.

    Finally, in order to retrieve data from the browser based system back in the script following the transaction, our client used the Web Service control which can invoke any external web service and present the return values as user friendly properties which can subsequently be used or displayed anywhere in the script.