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  • Dynamic selections within scripts

    Version: Classic V4.3 and above

    Module: Callflow Editor & Take Calls

    An outsourcer working for a leading utilities company had an issue with agents selecting incorrect tariffs for customers in a script. This error lead to unwanted telephone calls back into the call centre, costly administration to rectify in terms of resource impact, a large volume of customer complaints and an increase in cancellations. Noetica were approached to help resolve this problem.

    Synthesys™ has a wide range of components that allow users to customise scripts and screens, as well as the formatting and validity of data captured.

    By utilising a combination of simple controls and calculations built within the script, it was possible to limit the tariff options available to an Agent dynamically based on information that was captured in previous screens. These components were the Radio Button, Check Box Controls and Combo Box. Only valid tariffs were displayed to the right customers at the right time, thus eradicating the possibility of user error.

    This change took less than two hours to design and implement, as Synthesys™ is able to publish new scripts in real time without agents logging out. Thus this change was deployed with no downtime to the Call Centre. Instantly errors ceased, calls back into the centre ceased and complaints relating to this issue disappeared.